Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black Crowntail Betta Fish (Cupang Serit Hitam)

Now I've seen a lot of black crowntail betta fish on the net via google. Everytime I searched for crowntail betta, I always ended up seeing those black crowntail bettas. But guess what, I got one too, and I'm posting it here to show them that theirs are good, and mine's better. Hope google will crawl this page fast enough to make this betta fish right here come up to the top of the search page.

Really, this betta fish here is as good as it can be. See its tail. You will see not only it forms a great shape of a crown, but also made of lots of twin points (it's those small tails that formed the whole tail as a crown. I don't know what the right word is, so I use "point"). Next I will post a crowntail betta fish that made of not only twin lines, but three lines on some roots.

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